The 2016 Toyota Mirai Gives You A Peek Into The Future

The future is here, and the Toyota Mirai is here to prove it! The new 2016 Mirai is efficient, innovative, and reliable as its fuel cell technology. The technology all begins with hydrogen that is pumped into the Mirai, the gas travels to a carbon fiber fuel tank and stored. Next, comes air.

The Fuel Cell Vehicle’s front intake grills pull the air from the outside into the fuel cell stack. Hydrogen is then traveled from the tanks to the fuel stack, then through a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, creating enough energy to power the vehicle. As you put your foot on the gas, the electricity created with the hydrogen and oxygen is water, which leaves through your tailpipe.

At the New York International Auto Show, Group VP and GM of the Toyota Division, Bill Fay notes, the Mirai is “a fabulous design that we made work as a midsized car…the hydrogen-powered Mirai is ready to make history…leading the world toward a more sustainable future.”

Stay tuned for more information about the release of the 2016 Toyota Mirai at Toyota Of Hattiesburg.

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