Toyota Teams Up With Yellowstone Yet Again to Benefit the Environment

Toyota has a long history helping our national parks achieve their sustainability goals. Last year, Toyota used Camry Hybrid batteries to power one of Yellowstone's visitor centers.

This year, Toyota is stepping in again to fund an incredible new type of building that will replace the aging Youth Conservation Corps campus. Slated to be the first in a national park to achieve Living Building Certification, the new campus will generate all of its own energy using solar power, and surplus solar energy to go back into the grid.

"The new Yellowstone Youth Campus is an opportunity to support the conservation principles of the National Park Service while reinforcing Toyota's commitment to the environment," said Toyota Motor North America Environmental General Manager Kevin Butt. "We hope this environmental learning center will inspire and empower future leaders in building a more culturally aware, ecologically responsible and regenerative future."

A Living Building is supposed to be so environmentally friendly, it has a net-positive impact on the health of the ecosystem. While you may never be able to get your car to give back to the Earth, it is possible to reduce its negative impact. Simply make a service appointment, and our expert technicians will help improve your vehicle's condition so it is more efficient, and releases fewer harmful emissions.

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