Tires Need Love Too!

What keeps your car floating smoothly on a paved or rocky surface? What is the one thing that allows your car to move freely about the country? Your tires of course! So why so little love is being shown to your tires? You should check your tires every week for correct air pressure, damage, and for the infamous wear and tear. Tires wear out after a period of time based on mileage and how you drive on a daily basis.

So when do you change out your tires? If you tires are bald and no more tread is visible it's time to change them out now. If your tires make rumbling noises when driving then it's time to change then out. Your local dealership can change them out in no time and at the best prices for your wallet. They have trained techs there that can adjust, balance, and rotate your tires to the proper specifications.

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