Step-By Step Guide to Calculating Driving Distance When the Low Fuel Light is On

How Far Can You Drive Your Toyota Camry with the Gas Light On?

When you get behind the wheel and the low fuel light flickers to life on your dashboard, it is enough to make your blood pressure skyrocket. Questions and panic start to take over. How far can you drive your Toyota Camry with the gas light on? How far away is the next gas station? Am I going to make it or will I be stranded on the side of the road? Take a look at this quick how-to guide from Toyota of Hattiesburg and learn how to calculate driving distance when the fuel light comes on.

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How Many Miles Can You Drive with Your Low Fuel Light On?
Close Up of Fuel Gauge with the Needle on E

All you need to calculate how many miles you can drive with the low fuel light on is your Toyota owner’s manual, an average fuel-economy rating and some basic math (maybe a calculator). It is important to note, that you do not want to wait too long to fill up. Continuous driving with low fuel levels can damage your fuel pump and leave you stranded if you are not careful. Take a look at this step-by-step guide to learn how to calculate driving distance in your 2018 Toyota Camry.


  1. It is important to know how much fuel you have left in the tank when the gas light flickers to life. When the low fuel light goes on, it generally indicates that you have 10-15 percent of your total fuel capacity in reserve. To be on the safe side, we recommend you use the low end of this estimate.
  2. Take a look at your Toyota owner’s manual to find out exactly how much your fuel tank holds and take 10 percent of that number. As an example, most 2018 Toyota Camry trim levels hold 16 gallons of fuel, meaning that you would have 1.6 gallons of fuel remaining in this situation.
  3. With this number in mind, you will want to determine the average fuel-economy rating that you get in your Toyota Camry – we suggest you use the combined mpg rating. A 2018 Toyota Camry with the all-new Dynamic Force Engine will make 34 mpg combined – take this number and multiply it by the estimated amount of fuel remaining. In this case, that gives you a driving distance of 54.4 miles.

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Avoid the panic and stress that is associated with the low fuel light in your Toyota and use this how-to guide to learn how to calculate driving distance with just some basic math skills. If you have ever asked – how far can you drive your Toyota Camry with the gas light on – this step-by-step guide will point you in the right direction. Visit the Toyota of Hattiesburg inventory to find the fuel-efficient Toyota model that best fits your lifestyle today!

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  1. Shawna

    I drive an older model 2004 Toyota Camry LE. I was low on funds, and needed to drive to work later that day. However, I was 66 miles away from the event. Long story short, my FUEL LIGHT HAD BEEN ON for at least 20 miles. I put my last five dollars in the tank, and it pushed the arrow just enough to be on the empty-fuel EMPTY line. (Camry’s go all the way to the bottom of the E.) I made it all the way to work, and to the gas station to fill up immediately after work. Total 68-70 miles,(I’m not exaggerating.) If it’s an emergency, know that you are in good hands if you own a Camry!!! <3 🙂

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