Step-By-Step Guide to the Next-Generation Toyota Camry Drive Modes

How To Use the 2018 Toyota Camry Drive Modes

The next-generation 2018 Toyota Camry resides on the cutting edge of automotive technology and provides drivers with a one-of-a-kind experience. To ensure that the Toyota Camry caters to any and all drivers, Toyota engineers have added three driver-selectable modes to the Toyota Camry’s arsenal. Learn how to use the 2018 Toyota Camry drive modes and customize your drive at the touch of a button.

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Drivers who opt for the Toyota Camry XLE and Camry XSE trim levels will have the ability to choose from three drive modes – Normal, ECO and Sport Mode – that will each fine-tune performance to fit your driving style. To select a drive mode, simply press one of the three buttons located on the center console just behind the gear shifter. When you have selected one of the drive modes, it will be displayed on the Toyota Camry Multi-Information Display.

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Normal Mode 

When you are interested in a comfortable, fuel-efficient and fun drive, the driver-selectable Normal Mode promises the perfect combination. Normal Mode aims for the middle ground when you slide into the driver’s seat, providing athletic acceleration and tailoring the Toyota Camry’s suspension to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride.

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ECO Mode 

Prioritize fuel economy at the touch of a button when you select ECO Mode in your 2018 Toyota Camry. When you select ECO Mode, your Camry will adjust the throttle input, transmission shift points and climate control system to ensure that acceleration is smooth and that you are not wasting energy, maximizing fuel economy at every turn.

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Sport Mode 

Amp up the fun on your day-to-day commute when you select Sport Mode! This driver-selectable mode makes heart-pounding thrills and excitement a priority. Fine-tuned throttle and steering inputs will sharpen acceleration and handling when you get behind the wheel and Sport Mode is automatically deactivated when you turn the vehicle off. 

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Tailor performance to fit your driving style when you slide into the driver’s seat of the Toyota Camry with three driver-selectable modes – Normal, ECO and Sport Mode. Learn how to use the 2018 Toyota Camry drive modes with this in-depth overview that highlights what each mode will do and how it will impact your drive. Visit the Toyota of Hattiesburg inventory today to find the Toyota car, truck or crossover that best fits your lifestyle!

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