How can you improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency?

Gas prices are never going to be as low as they used to be, so we might as well start learning how to make our vehicles more fuel efficient. With the advanced technology today, our cars are running on less than ever and some of them don’t even use gas at all! But, if your car is one that still uses fuel, you might want to continue reading below to learn how you can get better fuel economy for your vehicle.

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Tips to Help Improve Your Fuel Efficiency!

  1. Properly inflate your tires – a properly inflated tire will create less rolling resistance than a tire that is under-inflated. Be sure to check your tire’s PSI regularly to make sure they are where they should be.
  2. Use cruise control – cruise control helps to maintain the same speed for driving long distances on the same road. This helps to save fuel because you are not constantly touching the accelerator.
  3. Clean your air filter – if your vehicle’s air filter is clean, your vehicle will not have to work as hard to pump the air through it and by using less energy, it uses less fuel. You can check the air filter yourself or have a mechanic check it when you get your oil changed.
  4. Drive smart – if you are always in a hurry to speed up and slow down, then you are most likely burning more fuel. By gradually accelerating, you will notice better fuel efficiency.
  5. Reduce weight – more weight means more work. If you have extra unnecessary items hanging out in your car, it would be best to take them out and only carry them when you need to.

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