Are these bad driving habits damaging your vehicle?

If you own a car then you probably want to do what you can to take care of it. But did you know that some of your driving habits might actually be hurting your vehicle? Check out the list of driving habits that we put together below that you may be doing and could be causing extra wear on your vehicle!

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4 Bad Driving Habits That Could be Hurting Your Car

  1. Hauling around extra weight. Extra and unnecessary items in your vehicle are extra weight that you do not need to be carrying around. Over time, this extra weight will cause stress on the drivetrain, brakes and suspension components causing them to wear out faster.
  2. Not using your parking brake. Parking brakes should be engaged every time that you park your car, not only when you are parked on a hill. Not using your parking brake puts stress on the parking pawl. A parking brake would keep your vehicle put even if the parking pawl would dislodge or break.
  3. Shifting between drive and reverse before your vehicle is done moving. Although this may seem like a small detail, it can be a pricey fix. Not allowing your vehicle to come to a complete stop you are putting unnecessary stress on the drivetrain.
  4. Only having a small amount in the fuel tank regularly. Fuel pumps can overheat if they are not submerged, that’s why it is recommended to have at least a quarter tank of fuel at all times.

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