Who do I call after being involved in an accident?

Although no one wants to think about it, we should all be prepared and know what to do in case we are involved in an accident. You may wonder who do you call? Or what do you have to do? We are here to help. Although no accident or collision is like the next, use the steps below as guidelines.

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What do I do after an accident?silver sedan rear ended

  • Do not drive away from the accident. It is important to stay on the scene until everything is taken care of. You may move your vehicle off the road so that it is out of the way of approaching vehicles. Be sure to also turn your hazard lights on if you are able.
  • Next, you should call the police. They will have a few questions to ask you as they send someone to where you are to help. Do your best to tell them where you are. Once the police arrive on the scene, be sure to give an accurate report of what happened.
  • Exchange information (name, contact information and insurance information) with the other driver(s) involved if you are able to. You may need their information in the future.
  • Get in contact with your insurance company. Most insurance companies request that you contact them right away if you are involved in any type of collision or accident. They may ask for pictures of the damage to your vehicle or your personal injuries. Be sure to ask them if you have any type of medical coverage included with your plan if you suspect you may need to see a doctor.
  • Keep all of the paperwork and information relating to your collision together. You never know when you will have to look back on the accident report, an insurance statement or a doctor bill, so be sure to keep it all together.

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