Games for Kids to Play on Road Trips This Summer

Do you have a road trip coming up sometime this summer and are trying to figure out what you are going to do to entertain the kids while they’re in the car? Fear not! There are plenty of games for the kids to play that are vehicle friendly! Games are a great way to get everyone involved as well as pass the time. Keep reading below for a short list of a few to try out!

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Fun Kid’s Games to Play in the Car

  • family inside of carI Spy – This guessing game is great for your younger children. Have one of them find an object that they can all see and give a hint as to what it is. The others can take turns guessing until they correctly identify it.
  • 20 Questions – This is another guessing game, but it can be a little bit higher on the difficulty scale depending on how specific an object you choose to identify. One player thinks of a person, place or idea and the others take turns asking yes or no questions before guessing. Once the item is guessed correctly, have a different player think of something.
  • License Plate Game – This is a great game to keep kids occupied and searching. Have them look for license plates from different states and write them down once you find one. Keep going and try to find one from all 50 states!
  • Hangman – Similar to Wheel of Fortune, players will take a turn trying to guess a phrase that was thought up by one player. Take turns guessing letters to fill in the blanks and try to solve the phrase before the body of the hangman is completed!

Playing games won’t solve all of your road trip problems, but it is a great way to kill some time! We hope you found these game ideas helpful and that you enjoy your upcoming trip. Stop by our dealership today if you are in the market for your next vehicle or contact us with any questions!

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