How do I change the headlights on my car?

Even if you are driving the speed limit and are following the other laws on the road, you can still be stopped by an officer if one of your headlights are burnt out. Your vehicle’s headlights are not only for your safety to see where you are going, but also for the safety of others so that they can see you while on the road. But what about when one or both of your headlights burn out? Replace them yourself by following the few simple steps that we listed out below!

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Easy Steps to Change Your Vehicle’s Headlights

  1. blurry picture of cars with headlights on in trafficIdentify the light bulb that your vehicle requires. This can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or by searching for it online. Auto stores should be able to look it up too.
  2. Locate and access the headlight bulb. To do this you will need to go through the engine compartment of the vehicle, it cannot be accessed through the outside.
  3. Remove the power wires from the back of the bulb. There should be a group of a few wires that are connected to the back of the bulb by some type of clip. Use the clip to remove the wires.
  4. Take the old bulb out of the socket. You may have to turn the bulb to remove it.
  5. Install the new bulb. Carefully handle the new bulb and insert it into the socket in the headlight holder. Then plug in the power wire clip to the back of the bulb holder.

Changing your headlights is a simple task that doesn’t take much time at all, so make sure to not put it off if one of your bulbs happens to burn out. This will not only keep you safe but also hopefully keep you from being pulled over by a police car.

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